One Last Kiss





Studio: MissaX
Approximate Running Time: 01:26:06
Date Added: 2022-07-15
Released: 2021

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Jane (Wilde) is looking for some help to get into her dream university so she turns to an old friend, Tommy (Pistol). He initially turns her down and the reason is because it would be too upsetting considering it was her and his stepdaughter's (Elena Koshka) and she is no longer around. He changes his mind however after talking to his wife (Penny Barber) and going through some of Elena's old stuff.

They get to work and start making progress as we get a flashback that sheds light on his reluctance. Elena fell ill and they tried some experimental treatment to try and save her and unfortunately it didn't work and she passed away. Jane comforts him over his loss and Tommy asks her to keep him updated on her testing. He leaves his wallet behind when he leaves Jane in his office and while he is looking for it he finds her in Elena's room as she talks about all the good times they had in there.

Jane then tells him about the time she saw them have sex years before. As Jane looks on they start to kiss and undress before Tommy starts fingering and licking her. Elena lays back as Tommy pumps in and out of her in missionary next before flipping onto her knees for doggy. A bit of 69ing after this and then into cowgirl. They go into missionary again and then into spoons until Tommy pulls out and cums on her pubic hair.

Back to modern day as Tommy and Jane confront each other about what she saw and how he feels about her, to ask if he loved her like he did Elena. She wants to be with him and asks him if he could just see her as his daughter. They begin to kiss and grope each other as they start to undress as well. Jane moans out “daddy” as Tommy goes down on her before she sucks him off. From there they go into doggy and then cowgirl. A short burst in spoons follows this and then they go back to missionary.

Sex includes: Tommy Pistol and Jane Wilde - cumshot, (Stepdaughter) Elena Koshka and (Stepfather) Tommy Pistol creampie, sexy taboo talk with both scenes.

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Cast & Stars: One Last Kiss

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