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Girlfriends Films has done it again with this dripping and drenching film – the 25th in the series! Pure girl-on-girl action, with the hottest lesbians! Cum watch them drive each other over the fucking edge in almost four hours of lip smacking action!
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Clip 1 - 55 mins 42 secs

Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 1 00:02:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 1 00:22:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 1 00:33:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 1 00:43:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 1 00:52:20
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Clip 2 - 49 mins 51 secs

Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 2 01:08:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 2 01:14:40
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 2 01:21:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 2 01:33:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 2 01:40:00
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Clip 3 - 52 mins 36 secs

Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 3 01:55:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 3 02:18:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 3 02:23:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 3 02:32:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 3 02:35:40
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Clip 4 - 49 mins 42 secs

Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 4 02:47:00
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 4 02:59:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 4 03:13:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 4 03:19:20
Lesbian Sex 25 Clip 4 03:25:20
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Comments on Lesbian Sex 25

teejdee says:
Aubree did a WSW sceene for GFF with Anne Amari. There was chemistry and passion and the sceene worked. Probably with little or no direction. Try to imagine working at an intense intimate level with another you are paired with. Then add a producer and director. Sometimes it comes together and the collective input rocks an amazing scene. Sometimes its just flat. GFF to me has the industry talent to deliver great scenes but is terribly inconsistent, cranking out average product. Vision and leadership missing or not executing very well.
Tonyc018 says:
This latest generation of performers, leave so much to be desired. What a shame.
DeepKissLover says:
One more thing. Pristine Edge is a great kisser. Just pair her with another great one.
DeepKissLover says:
Scene 1 - Great kissing. Lacy Lennon is just incredible. Scene 2 - Bad kissing. Kayley Gunner has been so passive in her scenes. There is no fire in this girl. Kenzie Anne is ok but needs to use her tongue. Scene 3 - Dee Williams is hot but she is an awful kisser. Doesn't open her mouth. If she just tried a bit she would be amazing to watch. Scene 4 - Great to finally see Jasmine Jae back! She is a superstar. Very nice kissing with Vanessa Cage but you need to pair Jasmine with top performers. Give us Lacy Lennon with Jasmine Jae, it would be epic!
Lezzyist says:
Lacy will be a good pickup overall, though I didn't care for the scene in this release for the most part. Definitely agree that MooSkow should try to secure Freya Parker and or Alex Coal. They are both either really, really, really, really, really gifted fakers or they have at least a little slight bit of genuine interest in making women cum. Either way, they actually know how to make an arousing scene with another woman.
Lezzyist says:
Every time I watch an Aubree Valentine scene, I feel like somewhere a producer is whispering "lesbian porn is fake and here is your clown suit for buying it." Her overdramatics are pretty hilarious. I was cracking up when Lacy was jackhammering herself and Aubree was "oh fuck!" howling and growling as if the mere sight was giving her the hardest orgasm ever. So cheesy and comedic. I thought the scene with Jasmine and Vanessa wasn't too bad. Despite the performers repeatedly giving each other compliments, I didn't sense much girl-girl hunger or have much to say at all really about the other two scenes.
Cramjaw1 says:
Lacy Lennon added as a contract star is great news. I wasn't a fan of the last group they signed, but hopefully this will be a chance for GFF to make a big improvement. When they sign someone to a contract they are pretty much in every other release. Sometimes two to four times in a single release. If someone isn't very good, they can ruin several consecutive movies. If they add either Alex Coal or Freya Parker as a second new contract star, then we know they are really on the right track. Either way, some new faces amongst their contract stars is the best news I have read about this company all year.
Ryzey14 says:
The Kayley Gunner and Kenzie Anne scene was sensational and their real life chemistry is impossible to beat.Contracting Lacy Lennon is a smart move and I look forward to seeing her direct more original content.
Cramjaw1 says:
I liked this release. Scene one was a little tough to take because Aubree Valentine isn't good in girl girl scenes. Still, it wasn't a complete wash since Lacy Lennon is so good. If they pair her up with better talent next time it will be a great scene, I'm sure. I thought the other scenes were anywhere from really good to great. This one is absolutely worth watching.
DeepKissLover says:
Casting is great but directing is HORRIBLE! Get rid of this idiot BSkow already! Camera work is terrible. Dan O' Connell is so badly missed. If Dan was directing this movie, it would've been epic! I hope Lacy Lennon will be as great adirector as she is performer. It can't be worse than this.
rojoe says:
All of this. Great scenes. Wonderful chemistry. Great lingerie and stockings. Lacy Lennon and Aubree Valentine's scene in particular is smoking hot. Please, give us more like this!!
Ollonballe says:
Another orgasmic scene with Lacy Lennon! She delivers as always!!!
Lezzyist says:
Was it an "orgasm" in like a real-ish orgasm or just the typical goofy screaming thing?
Review says:
Lacy Lennon! The latest contract star signed by Girlfriends. Great pickup! Lacy always has some of the hottest scenes. Based on the review by feelhose, I think that streak continues. I can't wait to check this one out!
feelhose says:
Well lets just hope Lacy Lennon likes shooting for GFF. Haven't downloaded a scene from GFF for years but I downloaded scene 1. The last orgasm Lacy had was particularly epic. Well done GFF.

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