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Good girls learn to be Bad Lesbians! Tongues, tribbing and some lovely poses they can't get enough sweet pussy play! These horny ladies know how to please each other as no man can, and they invite you to watch how they have intense orgasms that leave them barely conscious.
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Clip 2 - 48 mins 39 secs

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Comments on Bad Lesbian 15

Ukrainian says:
Loved the last two scenes.
Sedluv17 says:
This was a pretty poor release, but some were worse than others. Scene was was particularly bad. How is Aubree Valentine in so many of these scenes when she is so terrible in lesbian scenes?
bigboss says:
I move Alexia look, body and appeal but she needs to be with bigger names and submit to other women instead of tolerating them you want to be a star you need to get more into it girl !
DeepKissLover says:
Only the first scene was good with hot kissing. Great to see Kali Roses finally debut for GF Films. Other scenes were trash. Casting is so poor. Alexia Anders, Electra Rayne and Maya Woulfe are terrible. Awful kissers all 3 of them.
Lezzyist says:
waterman, you made me look her up. She gave a very interesting interview recently. Apparently, she is engaged to a woman and she likes to give oral but hates to receive it, which kind of explains something I noticed and mentioned in an earlier comment. The interview was with AdultDVDTalk. She is a very interesting young woman. On another note, one of my earlier comments should have read "75 percent". HotMovies should think about adding an edit button.
Waterman20 says:
I think Electra did really good, considering she said in in interview that she thinks going down on a girl or receiving oral from a girl is gross. She has come a long way in that sense. I would really love to see her with lacy or Aiden , I think she would think differently about girl-girl sex after a scene with them!! I also like GGF using newer talent, but would pair them with seasoned veterans for their first scene so as they could teach them so to speak.
Lezzyist says:
I HATE, with a capital HATE, all the talking in modern GFF too, but in Electra's case, to me, most of what she was saying sounded like things a woman who fucks chicks would say. She seemed genuine to me overall, especially compared to work from the overly theatrical contract performers. As far as why they do it, my only guess is that they are thinking a focus on "acting" will bring out quality like some of the better AHL scenes, but...that would require GFFs chosen lead actors to value the concept of subtlety.
Cramjaw1 says:
I went back and rewatched the scene and I think the thing I come up with is that as the scene started I looked at her and found her wildly sexy, and then she talked and interacted and worked and by the end I didn't see her the same way. I really wish there wasn't so much talking in these movies. Unless the point is to make us like these characters less I'm not sure why they do it.
Lezzyist says:
Cramja, I really did, and of the two of them, I like Electra a little more, though I would like to see both of them again. I thought Electra came off very genuine and she's attractive enough. What does she do that bugs you?
Cramjaw1 says:
Lezzyist. Did you really like scene 2? When I wrote my review I REALLY hated it, but the more I think about it I wonder if the scene was fine but I found Electra annoying. Appreciate your opinion.
Lezzyist says:
This was passable. I liked that we had a variety of performers instead one performer in particular being in 75 of the scenes like in many of the recent releases. Scene 1 has the usual hammy performance you would expect given who is in it, and Kali Roses basically fake moans constantly, unendingly, so the sex isn't convincing. I thought scene 2 was good, on the whole. The performers seemed to be enjoying themselves for the most part. I thought it was one of the more sensual scenes I have seen from the modern version of this company. I appreciate their understated performances. One of the things I strongly dislike about modern-day Girlfriends Films is the tendency toward really goofy and hammy performances during the sex and scene 2 mostly avoided that. Besides Macey's exaggerated slurping sounds when she barely had Electra's vulva in her mouth, scene 2 has pretty believable and sensual sex. They were mostly hot throughout.Scene 3 was kinda dry, through no fault of new girl, Fiona. Alexia consistently looks uncomfortable during GG. I'd like to see Fiona again.Scene 4 was mostly hot. Maya was a little over-the-top but she was alright on the whole. Victoria Voxxx is always watchable.Overall, on this release, it seems like maybe there was a little bit of direction as far as aiming for more realistic sex, and if that's true, I appreciate it, and I hope you will keep it up. Rating it, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. Scenes 1 and 3 suffered from mostly not-great performers, but I think Fiona is good and she'll shine with a performer who enjoys playing with other women a little more than Alexia does.And once again, I appreciate that the release had 8 performers!
Burrrrr says:
And although I prefer actresses with goofymore expressive facial expressions, I wish Aubree didnt force herself to laughsmile after every reaction. It looks stupid. Still thought that scene 1 was great though.
Burrrrr says:
The 1st scene is hot!
Cramjaw1 says:
This one was bad. I mean this one was really bad. Scenes 3 and 4 were both OK. I might have even been willing to call them good if they hadn't come after 2 truly terrible scenes. In fact I think scene 2 might be the worst GFF scene I can remember. Certainly the worst one of the year. Electra Rayne especially was a big disappointment. You can't force being a "sexy" character at the expense of the actual sex. I'm starting to like Alexia Anders a little bit more each time I see her. Last time I saw her she was with Alex Coal, and since Alex could carry almost anyone through a good scene I wasn't sure how much was Alexia. In this one I thought she and Fiona were good. I liked scene 4 as well. Maya might have been just a little over the top with some of her reactions, but nothing that harmed the scene. Plus I just like her, so it makes it even easier to forget small issues. Victoria is an incredible and very versatile performer. I usually enjoy her scenes and this one was no exception.
Mole1 says:
Another shit show, wont be bothering
Cramjaw1 says:
I just don't think Aubree is capable of a good lesbian scene. Her facial expressions are so corny and over the top it takes you right out of the scene. I can't understand the point of being so goofy? I think of Freya Parker and how talented she is. She doesn't spend the whole scene making clown faces. She gets to work on the pussy. Scene one was a flat out F, and I wish this wasn't true. She is such a pretty girl, but yikes. Subtle is always sexier than a furious pace and funny facials.

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