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Secrets are meant to be kept, they also bring lots of drama! Somebody's got a secret and it's not a little one either! Watch as these incredibly sexy lesbians can't keep their hands, their tongues, or their pussies off of each other! Don't you dare to interrupt them while they are getting each other off!
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Comments on Secret Lesbian Diaries 11

Ukrainian says:
Nikki and Freya were hot together
SereneSiren says:
Thank you for the more positive and constructive criticism on this one.
bigboss says:
Never seen Freya cum so hard and so any times and Nikki suck her toes and licked her armpits thats real sex not the normal rehearsed moaning and fake orgasms freya was so sensitive after her orgasms, so that real and props to niki for making her cum so hard
Mole1 says:
And scene one honey face sitting serene, honey moaning ohhh fuck! As her orgasm ripped up her body from her quivering thighs as her orgasm had her all over the place!
Mole1 says:
Much improved girlfriends film. Scene two was great especially when spencer was having her tits sucked standing up, and her moaning Ohhh fuck! , good build ups scene one and two , great improvements, serene knows hows to get a young woman going!
Cramjaw1 says:
I think I agree with feelhose about this being the best release in quite some time. I'm going to ignore scene 3, but the other 3 scenes make up one of the best releases for GFF in quite some time. Probably since the last Secret Lesbian Diaries release. Alex Coal, Allison Rey, Liv Revamped, and two ladies I just like whether they are good or not Dixie Lynn and Laney Grey. That was an incredible cast.
feelhose says:
Well the whole release was the best for a long time. So well done to GFF and the actresses-def step in the right direction. Directors must be looking at back catalogue and maybe realising what made GFF such a great studio.
Lezzyist says:
That's because the Girlfriends Films director is trying to duplicate Girlsway, and on Girlsway, especially at the height of its popularity, there were constant breaks in the sex for in-character commentary. It was annoying then and it's annoying now.
Cramjaw1 says:
I was saying earlier that while I'm not a fan of the talking, there is nothing wrong with using it as the sex unfolds to help in the set up. The first 15 percent of the scene before things really start to get going, I can live with that. It's just when it never stops and becomes the centerpiece of the scene. I once saw Aubree stop right in the middle of pussy licking so she could give a long response to some generic statement.
Burrrrr says:
I do want to say that although I am generally not a fan of talking during the scenes, I thought that the dirty talk during the first portion of the first scene was very hot and seemed very natural, especially when honey was telling Serene how hot she looked in her dress. She looked and sounded genuinely turned on. It really made the foreplay part of the scene even better!
Waterman20 says:
As hard as it is to say, this was a vast improvement than previously released movies. Yes Serene siren is great but over used. If I was filming for GF , I would have interviews after each scene of the girls talking about the scene. I would ask them what experience they have with women, what in the scene got them off, and some personal questions about who they are. I find it to be interesting to learn about how real these girls are who just put it all out there. I would also try and find girls that nobody has seen yet and never were with a woman and pair them with a true veteran who love women, and see how many times she can make the new girl orgasm!! In a perfect world anyway.
Lezzyist says:
That's one reason I just realized that it's best to buy scene-by-scene instead of the entire release, Pzepp33.
Pzepp33 says:
Good scenes. Good performance only thing I have any problem with is the overuse of serene siren. I'm honestly tired of seeing her in every film taking up 2 scenes. She is a great performer but I wanna see different performers
Cramjaw1 says:
I really only thought 2 of the 6 women had silly performances. The other 4 I thought were great. Even if there are things we all can't agree on I think a very large percentage of us would like all the talking to stop. That was one of only two things in this movie that were so terrible it needed to be fixed. The other being the casting of Aften Opal.
Burrrrr says:
With that said I really enjoyed this one. For my personal tastes, this is exactly what I want from a lesbo film, Heavy foreplay, and hot mostly natural girls who are actually into each other and the scene! My only gripe is the talking during the scenes, as someone else mentioned. Still, definitely an improvement over most recent films. Also, love the wardrobe choices too! Tank tops, Denim jeans, skirts and booty shorts always add to the realism, imo.
Burrrrr says:
To be fair, not every girls reactions during sex will be the same. Some are louder than others, some are more enthusiastic, etc. These are pornstars were talking about here, most of whom love sex and are freaks. Yes, a lot of them do fake it, but none of the reactions in these scenes come off as fake to me. Just because they moan loudly or go crazy during clothed foreplay doesnt mean they are faking it, they could have just been very horny the day of the shoot, or very turned on by their scene partner.
feelhose says:
Like Cramjaw1, it is weird how scenes are so different in quality. Scenes 2 and 4 were really good, esp scene 4. Believable sex, and at least sounds were more like two people having sex without crazy moaning. Serene was also really good in scene 2. Loved the foreplay standing up. Still a lot of talking which could be cut by 90 and make any words much more erotic and meaningful. Overall a big improvement, more seductionreal foreplay. Freya is great. Scene 4 was the best for a long long time.
Cramjaw1 says:
In my opinion this one was split right down the middle. Two excellent scenes and two terrible scenes. Even numbers were great and odd numbers were terrible. I've seen Honey Hayes in scenes for Team Skeet and I thought she was great, so I was looking forward to seeing her here. Unfortunately she wasn't great here. Didn't feel like realistic reactions. When Serene was rubbing her pussy outside the jeans she was about to fall apart, but later she was rubbing her right on her pussy and there was almost no reaction. She seemed to be focused on kissing at the time and it felt like it made her forget to react to the pussy rub. I like Serene except for all the talking. It just comes off as so unnatural and not just for her but everyone on this site. Scene two was much better, mostly because this one had Serene paired was a very strong performer. Spencer Bradley is one of my two favorite adult actresses active today. She is so bright and bubbly and beautiful. Like getting to see the sun after days of clouds. Plus she isn't over the top or corny she is just wonderful, and this pairing had energy and passion. Truly a pleasure to watch. This next scene was just bad. Honey Hayes who I didn't like in scene one was paired with the women I believe to be the worst active girl girl performer today in Aften Opal. I'm not going to say much here to avoid being mean, but fake and phony are two words that would describe this one. Finally four was great. Freya Parker is starting to carve out a resume in lesbian scenes that is very impressive. Don't get me wrong. Way to much gibber jabber in this scene, but I'm trying my best to be objective since it seems to be a prerequisite to get hired. Freya and Nikki were good together. It was a subtle scene, and I love subtle. So for anyone interested scene one -C, scene two A, scene 3 -D, and scene 4 -A.
Cramjaw1 says:
I was looking forward to this one after Lesbian Girl Band 2 which was mostly a big disappointment. Lets get the most important part out of the way. All the chattering in GFF's scenes now, right in the middle of the sex is just about the least erotic thing they could do. It's the equal of a big fat hairy dude laying on the end of the bed while the women are working. It just kills the scene. How about once we get 20 through the scene no more talking, just sex. And I'm including the "I'm cumming" or Honey Hayes and her ridiculous "my clit is so sensitive" 5 minutes into the scene. If you need to talk to convey pleasure to the audience maybe we should let someone else give it a try.

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