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This is 13th edition of Bad Lesbian! And now it's time for you to fall under the temptation of these lesbian beauties! Good girls learn how to be bad lesbians. – it's an amazing transformation! You're going to fall head-over-heels for these bad lesbians! This is simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video!
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Clip 1 - 49 mins 41 secs

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Clip 2 - 41 mins 53 secs

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Clip 4 - 40 mins 25 secs

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Comments on Bad Lesbian 13

Burrrrr says:
I 100 agree with DryHumpEnthusiast. The real seduction happens before the clothes come off! Also, dry humping is a really underrated fetish and is ALWAYS hot, but for some reason, very rare in lesbo porn. Would love to see more scenes with girls in casual dress such as jeans, leggings and yoga pants getting off before getting completely naked. Why even put the girls in clothes if theyre just going to take them off right away? Not only does foreplay over clothes make the scenes feel more authentic but it also gets the actresses more into it! Alot of these newer scenes feel robotic and are poorly paced because it almost seems as if the actresses are being rushed through different actionspositions instead of just letting them go at it. Let the girls have sex!
feelhose says:
The gap in qualityacting between new releases and older archives must be obvious to Girlfriends. There is a big gap between Girlfriends and other lesbian sites as well SHAHLGW. Very occasional good scene. Sex now is very mechanicalbadly actednot real.
afefae says:
I wouldn't say this is a bad movie, especially considering some of the other films we've seen from GFF the past year or so. However there is still a big distance to the quality this studio used to offer in every movie they released! In general I think it's the style we've seen lately that isn't really up to par with how it used to be!Scene 1 was quite ok, in my eyes because of Freya Parkers performance. I think she has great potential and hope she will appear more often in movies from GFF. So far, her two performances for GFF have been very good! The pairing was perhaps not the greatest as I don't think Aften Opal was very interesting. Scene 2 could have been better. Both girls are very hot but it becomes too giggly and the sensual aspect and the intimacy is completely lost. Scene 3 was the best IMO. Diana Grace has proved her quality as a lesbian performer on many occasions for GFF, but also other studios and Katie is also very good.I have not seen scene 4 yet.
ElleKeener says:
First two scenes are very fun and playful! Enjoyed them a lot.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
My fetish of lesbian dry humping in yoga pants has been non-existant in almost every GFF release since Secret Lesbian Diaries 9, which came out more than a year ago. Every release has been like a slow death, when I wait for weeks on end for one scene to just have at least 5 minutes of passionate dry humping. Why the fuck do they put 4 girls in yoga pants in this video, but none of the scenes include any dryhumping at all? Every scene these days is just "wear sexy clothes, and strip them off in the first 5-10 minutes". I know this is not a common fetish, but for fucks sake, at least include dry humping hear and there. Another dissapointing release from GFF, I may never live to see a real dry humping scene at this point...
gbill247 says:
Horrible tribbing. not exciting very fake action.
chubs100 says:
Thank you! I feel the same way. I hope this new person gets fired
denita69 says:
Sad!, there use to be a time when I would get excited when I saw a new girlfriend films dvd.But those days are longgg gone, terrible films ,and not worth my time anymore,guess thats what happens when a butch lesbian takes over the company,just dont get it!

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