Please Make Me (an anal) Lesbian! 21






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Spencer Bradley and Keira Croft simply can't resist each other's creaming young pussies. They feel each other up and make things interesting with some sensual pussy sucking and anal play action.

Kiarra Kai and Maddison Haze know how to make each other cum. Kiarra pulls out the sex toys to get down to business, gently spanking her partner first.

Angelina Red and Sera Ryder are two gorgeous blondes who shove their faces into each other's wet pussies and eat each other out to get a taste of their juices. Then Sera Ryder puts on her strap-on and fucks Angeline Red in various positions.

Charlotte Sins shares the experience with her boyfriend with Adira Allure, and how she didn't like it at all. Soon they pull out the sex toys and fuck each other senseless, not stopping until they are both writhing on the bed in total ecstasy.

Clip 1 - 52 mins 22 secs

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Clip 2 - 51 mins 39 secs

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Clip 3 - 46 mins 18 secs

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Comments on Please Make Me (an anal) Lesbian! 21

ElleKeener says:
The last scene was the best one. If you're going to use a dildo do it properly and attach it to yourself, it's way more intimate than the other scenes that were just jamming toys into each other.
Ukrainian says:
Spencer and Kiera naked together are just so delicious!
gbill247 says:
I loved the non porny look of the natural girls. But none of them looked particularly actually excited.
I never comment on these but this is by far the worst film girlfriends films has ever released. No passion, no chemistry, no sex, just toys. Theres 0 foreplay, barely any kissing and very little eating each other out. Just "lets kiss for 1 minute, get naked and then shove toys into our asses". Just awful all around. Most boring porn movie ive ever seen.

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