Who's Your Daddy?






Approximate Running Time: 02:55:35
Released: 2020

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Cadence Lux and Kenna James are not only best friends, but lovers. Kenna wholeheartedly believes she is a lesbian but Cadence won't fully commit to the idea. Cadence loves sex, but she dreams of being dominated by some strong dream guy. Kenna doesn't know that Cadence has her eyes set on Kenna's stepfather, Chad White. Cadence sees Chad eavesdropping and puts on a show for him. She teaches Kenna how to give a lap dance. Cadence wants Kenna to strip with her at the local strip club, Elegant Ladies, so they can combine their money to retire together at thirty. Chad considers showing himself when he hears of the plan, he wants to show himself to set the girls straight, but how could he when Cadence is stripping off her clothes and dancing for his beautiful stepdaughter. The dance turns erotic, and the girls make love. Watch the story unfold..

Chad fully intended to set his stepdaughter on the right path, but it backfired. The girls clung to one another and begged him to let Cadence stay in the home. "She has nowhere to go," Kenna said with her arms wrapped tightly around Cadence. Chad needed to leave the house before he could give the girls his decision. He was gone all night long. The next morning the girls were planning on going to a house party with frat boys! Chad walked in and saw his daughter dressed in cut-off shorts and a belly top. He was overwhelmed, but every time he would begin to voice his objections to their behavior the girls would turn on their girlish seductions, that sweet voice that always melts step-daddy's heart. Later that night the pair sneak to his bedroom. Cadence knows that she's not the only one who's madly crushing on step-daddy Chad, Kenna is too! She wants him, and she uses Kenna as a way to get to him. Cadence tells Chad that Kenna is not interested in being a promiscuous girl, she's just curious. Kenna agrees with Cadence and asks to see, to touch her stepfather's penis for educational purposes. Watch the story unfold..

Stepdaddy Chad White tries to assert himself as the man of the house, but his stepdaughter, Kenna James, and her friend, Cadence Lux get the upperhand. Chad is persuaded to take Kenna's virginity, but he will not Cadence have him, she must learn submission. Chad paces in the kitchen. He thinks to himself, "I will not be told what to do by a couple of 18-year-old-teenagers. This is my house and they will abide by my rules." Meanwhile, two horny girls, Cadence and Kenna, are scheming about how to get Chad to be the first man to take Kenna's virginity. Chad opens the fridge and grabs a cucumber, his face is flushed with emotion, whether it's excitement, anger, or embarrassment, he can't be sure, he walks up the stairs to their bedroom with purpose. He opens the door and the girls are shocked, he then tosses the cucumber on the bed, and insists that Kenna use it to satisfy her urges. After the girls giggle about the absurdity of the situation, Kenna takes control. She wants to see her stepfather's penis while she masturbates with it. Watch the story unfold..

Dominant stepdaddy, Chad, and eighteen year old firecracker, Cadence Lux meet in the bathroom and she finally gets what she's been aching for. All Cadence wants is to be loved, to be fulfilled body and spirit by a dominant man, and the wheels are in motion! Just last night Cadence was allowed to service him, and also teach his stepdaughter, Kenna how to make love for the very first time. Cadence peeled off her panties and wanted more, "I want to feel you inside of me," she purred, but he rejected her, for the second time. Cadence is not used to rejection, she rejects, not the other way around! He grabbed her face and sneered, "you need to learn submission." And so the beautiful deed was done last night. Chad teased Cadence with just a taste of his cum, and he knows she wanted more. She looks over at Chad so soundly with his stepdaughter and Cadence burned with jealousy. She gets out of bed and begins to plan, "I have to isolate him from her. I must let him see that I'm worthy of him." Cadence's pussy is wet, "I asked to be dominated, but enough is enough!"

Submission. It's a word that hasn't been in Cadence's vocabulary, but now that Kenna doesn't want to share her stepdaddy, she feels the cold truth of submission. She's always thought she wanted a strong man to make her feel feminine and vulnerable, and a sweet woman, Kenna, to be at her beck and call. Her wish has come true and shown itself to be a curse. Kenna has some newfound confidence, she's peeling away from her. Chad and Kenna are closer than ever, and Cadence has become the third wheel, just like an orphan looking into a warm cabin, in some Charles Dickens scene, where her face is dirty, her barefeet stand in the cold, as she watches the happy family sit down at their dining table for a Holiday feast. There's a pang in her stomach, she knows this feeling all too well.. she's hit bottom, she's got to do something. She'll either be kicked out cold, or she'll get what she wants, she's just desperate enough to take the chance. Watch the story unfold..

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Cast & Stars: Who's Your Daddy?

Comments on Who's Your Daddy?

ossienelson4 says:
Missa X has caught magic in a bottle with this one. The chemistry between the three leads is off the charts. The acting and the dialogue is phenomenal. To say anymore would diminish it, because words can't do it justice. You have to experience it for yourself.
wildwesttrooper says:
Two of my favorite female stars and I can't download the movie.....grrrrrr!

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