360 Degrees Of Seduction






Approximate Running Time: 00:15:20
Released: 2015

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Having 360 degrees is what makes this whole virtual reality porn craze the best and most immersive experience you’ll find on the Internet.

You’re sitting on a couch in a spacious house, when you see the very hot Gala Brown walk into the living room with a big smile and a single thought on her mind. “You want to fuck me?” she asks. She knows the answer, too, and she starts rubbing your junk before you could even nod. But at the same time, you can also hear steps coming down the stairs and quickly notice two more girls, porn stars Silvia Rubi and Naty Mellow, coming towards you. They say hi, and start making out on the couch to your right.

And just when you thought that was more than you could have asked for, there’s a knock on the door. Another couple shows up, the smoking Jesyka Diamond brings her boyfriend in with her; they quickly strip and start fooling around on the couch to your left. Everywhere you look, there’s people having sex, but it’s hard not to focus on Gala, who has now dropped your pants down and started sucking your dick.

To your right, Silvia takes Naty’s shorts off and spanks her; she throws you her panties so you can be a part of it, too, and takes her own off, as they begin scissoring each other. To your left, the couple is already fucking. All of this while Gala keeps giving you a spectacular blowjob. This whole 360 VR porn thing may prove to be too much for your senses!

Silvia puts on a strap-on and has Naty suck her off. Gala has turned around and is now doing you in a reverse cowgirl position. Jesyka keeps riding her man, yet gets closer to you as you see her boobs bouncing while she moans with pleasure.

All three couples (including you, of course) get to have their own explosive orgasms almost simultaneously. Watch all of your juices adorn Gala’s beautiful face as you soak in all the virtual sex that surrounds you.
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Cast & Stars: 360 Degrees Of Seduction

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