Lesbian Triangles Episode 28






Approximate Running Time: 02:34:02
Released: 2014

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Jodi West is plotting to fix up Prinzzess and Desi Dalton so they can break up Desi from her girlfriend. It doesn't take much convincing and they clinch it by telling her that Prinzzess brought her strap-on. The 3 girls head to the bedroom and sensuously kiss each other. They feel each other up and it's a nice build-up. Desi is the first to get sandwiched by the two other babes then Jodi gets the special treatment. The girls get along famously and work each other over very nicely. Prinzzess brandishes the strap-on and nails Desi in mish and spoon. After she's exhausted, the girls pleasure Jodi one more time as the three of them are left in a sweat filled heap!

Desi has to run out to work so she leaves her daughter, Alice March, in the care of Raven LeChance. Raven's daughter has some clothes she's getting rid of so she lets Alice try them on. She gets naked in front of her and gives her a nice show. Raven checks out her shorts close-up and does some light touching. Alice gives in and they start making out. Raven worships her teen tits then fingers her pussy. Raven sucks on her clit and gets Alice to moaning. Alice dives into the older woman's pussy and gets her off with both her tongue and her fingers. They do some tribbing then Alice goes down on her again.

Penny Pax comes over and she and Penny discuss the neighborhood gossip. Desi says that her daughter has been having some sexual problems and they go in private to talk. Once in the bedroom, Desi breaks out some bondage gear and lightly spanks Penny's ass. They start kissing and Desi gets on top and worships the young girl's body. They get naked and Desi tongues her slit. Penny gets a crack at the older woman and spreads her pussy lips wide and dives right in. She clamps down on her clit and gives her a good licking. Penny sits on her face and the girls go tribbing. Finally, the girls pleasure each other from behind; Penny using her tongue and Desi using her fingers. They end things with a make-out session.

Prinzzess was going to go swimming but it's too cold outside. She comes back to Jodi's room and one thing leads to another and they get naked. Jodi gets oiled up and Prinzzess caresses her body. They start kissing and they play with each other and are very sensual. The chemistry in this scene will blow your doors off. Prinzzess fingers her and gets Jodi to lift off the bed. Prinzess sexily unrolls her tongue and takes some wide licks of her pussy. She dabs her tongue on her clit and licks her slit then clamps onto her rosebud with one finger inside her. Jodi goes down on her friend and just lets her tongue go at it. There are some exceptional close-ups in this scene and it's hotter than fuck!
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Cast & Stars: Lesbian Triangles Episode 28

Comments on Lesbian Triangles Episode 28

cassandra says:
It's time to pair Desi with some of these young cuties!!
kiptin17 says:
Love Prinzzess, never tire of her! My favorite pairing is to see her with Jodi West and also like seeing her with India Summer!
tmac says:
Is princess all you have left, she is in every movie, tired of looking at her

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