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Supermodel looking lesbians spread their gorgeous gapes wide open for tonguin'. How can you not just love two cute ladies having a wonderful time playing with their tight pussies? 4 Scenes of blissful lesbian encounters with attentive, gorgeous women! As long as they have each other they will always be more than satisfied!
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Comments on Lesbian House Moms

ElleKeener says:
CramJaw The harassment is real and DeepKissLover participates in it. Constantly hounding female gg performers who he doesn't deem good enough.
ElleKeener says:
DeepKissLover, I'm not surprised he has blocked you. I have seen you harass female performers on Twitter, it's crossing a line. If you don't like how they perform just don't watch their scenes. It's so easy.
showme12 says:
Eva had her fluttering tongue working really good on XxLayna pussy in scene 2
NoHandleNeeded says:
For the most part, I enjoyed it. My only complaint is with scene 2. Really horrible camera work and it seemed poorly put together. I love Eva Long and was hoping her scene wold have been better.
Ukrainian says:
Lovely scenes by all!
JimS says:
Well, I think maybe Ryzey14 meant that some people's negativity and criticism becomes or 'morphs' into harrassment if they start contacting performers in an inappropriate way. DeepKissLover, I agree with what you're saying about the style of GFF changing and I miss the old style, and it's good to hear honest opinions. Although I don't have a serious issue with the directing. I would honestly like to hear you interview BSkow to hear what the guy has to say, I'd be very interested to know if he'd consider creating a new Thornhill Diaries style situation, where every other release was related to each other...how about The All New Thornhill Diaries? It's a shame if he doesn't care what people think but I think GFF are listening to us customers becase these last 2 releases have been much better. Like I say, Scene 4 was hot, please more Gracie Gates with older woman. I like the age gap between Adalind Gray and Reagan. I'd like to see Adalind as the seducTRESS...her and Gracie together would sizzle.
Cramjaw1 says:
Deepkisslover. That doesn't surprise me at all that he would be rude. We live in an age where there is so much content that creators more likely than not are curating their content to appeal to a smaller and smaller group of people. As long as they hold onto this small group of customers, they can still make a great profit, especially when compared to other in their industry. My guess is they are scared that making a change trying to appeal to an even larger audience could alienate these loyal fans. Just a guess.
Cramjaw1 says:
Where is this harassment coming from? Is it real or is it people critiquing scenes and being called haters for it? Are there any specific examples that can be pointed to? I'm truly asking. If there are people out there on twitter or Instagram messaging them constantly with rude and insensitive remarks, then they should be blocked. If that doesn't work, then maybe further steps should be taken. I just hope this isn't another example of a fair critique being spun around and called harassment. People will go to a restaurant and complain about food and service, or bad acting in a mainstream movie, or political figures they don't like. Are certain professions exempt from criticism?
DeepKissLover says:
Glad to see you agree with me JimS. I tried to talk with BSkow on twitter, he was rude. He said "I don't care what people think, we are number 1" and blocked me. What a peasant. He deserves all the criticism. Many girls complained to me about him. As a producer he is also terrible. Made many stupid decisions when it comes to pairing girls. I noticed he books some girl who is great for 1 scene and never books her again. There are so many examples of that. All these weird pairings he does, just recently with Jenna Noelle, Jennifer White Jasmine Jae. Totally wasting these great women by pairing them with terrible performers. I told him to put the camera next to beds and shoot from the side. He just won't listen. Stubborn clown.
DeepKissLover says:
Hey Ryzey14, relax. Don't talk that nonsense here. You are being an idiot. No one is being threatened and harassed. Many performers are just too sensitive. You tell them they can't kiss and should improve, they immediately block you and say you are harassing them. Ridiculous.
Lezzyist says:
2 and 4 were the best, followed by 3 then 1. I, too, appreciate the removal of the awkward rambling during the sex! These newer girls were pretty good. I can't wait to see XxLayna by her fourth GFF scene. She's a bit of a stunner and if she develops an all-star girl-game, we'll be in for a treat! Looks like Gracie Gates already goes after it when it comes to playing with women. Need more of her and more like her. Adalind's body is something to see! Scene 1 had a bit too much faking in the performances...and in other things. There was a fight between a Desk and a booty plate. The Desk won.
JimS says:
P.S. Hotter, not potter.
JimS says:
Oh dear, that's really sad and disgraceful if people are being threatened or harassed. I think, in terms of comments here, comments and reviews should always be respectful. Criticism should be constructive. Although honesty is refreshing, I agree that no one should receive personal insults. Observations and preferences are OK, just as if it was like a film review. I liked this release and all the actresses in it, I usually only review when I like a release and I think 'parts of this were hot, how could it be even potter'. Please keep bringing us this type of release, GFF.
Ryzey14 says:
Relentless negativity and criticism has morphed into contract stars and onscreen talent being directly threatened and harassed online. It's time for GFF to take Police action and pursue this obsessive criminal behavior to the full extent of the law. Some of these people need a day in front of a Judge.
JimS says:
With all that said, I generally liked this release. SCENE 1 Good pairing and believable scenario although a bit crude - Lacy Lennon does not suit playing the lesbian she played here. I'd prefer to see her portray a bi-curious, sophisticated character with a boyfriend who was seduced by the type of character Rachael Cavalli portrayed here. SCENE 2 Believable scene, good pairing, although XxLayna character if anything a bit TOO sweet and naive. The niceness of it made it believable but I prefer my lesbian characters, whether they be seducers or seducees, to be a bit more confident and streetwise. SCENE 3 Fantastic to see such an olderyounger pairing and believable scenario...BUT a bit too nicey-nice...and Analind has a bit too much of a leftfield and Tomboy-ish persona for me to like her playing the younger seduced character...I think she'd be better in the driving seat seducing the likes of Gracie Gates who I thought was amazing in SCENE 4...fantastic pairing with Lexi Luna...please can we have more of GRACIE? Would love to see her seduced by Syren, Reagan, Vanessa Cage, Dee W, Summer Hart, Eva Long or BrandiLove...I love the way Gracie and Lexi's curves compliment each others. It was a fairly credible scenario and script but would prefer a bit more believable build-up and dialogue. It just seems all a bit too good to be true that the gorgeous, straight-looking Gracie would jump into bed with her female landlady for no particular reason...give it the Thornhill Diaries blackmail seduction treatment! Sorry, I know I'm difficult to please...but that's why I liked GFF in the first place because they pleased a difficult man to please.
JimS says:
It's always refreshing to hear DeepKissLover's honesty...I would like to see a face to face conversation between him and BSkow with BSkow being held to account. I also miss the old GFF house and the room with the wooden bed stead, but I also miss the whole atmosphere and ambience of the old Girlfriends Films. I miss the twisted seductions instead of these nicey-nicey, sometimes lovey-dovey scenarios. I think the production, scripts and set-ups are more of an issue than the direction. I miss the Thornhill Diaries. I wish Girlfriends Films would create a new version of the Thornhill Diaries where older, mature or powerful women would seduce younger, pretty girls who were happy to lick pussy to get what they wanted. That is the kind of credible scenario that works for me, with both characters in the scene getting exactly what they want, for different reasons. Why not create a new version of the Thornhill Diaries that can traverse different Series, like the Thornhill Diaries did before, where the likes of Syren De Mer, Reagan Foxx, Dee Williams, Lexi Luna, Rachael Cavalli, Eva Long, London River, Jennifer White, Vanessa Cage, Summer Hart...were seducing younger, pretty girls like GRACIE GATES, Laney Grey, Emma Starletto, Alex Coal, and the much maligned Aften Opal?
feelhose says:
GFF has completely turned around-something has changed. Not sure if better casting, directors, producers. Scene 2 in particular had real intensity, and the chemistry was obvious. Hope GFF keep this going.
Cramjaw1 says:
I'm shocked I'm about to write this, but this is the second straight release from GFF that I liked. I had one serious problem with the scenes over the past year. The dialog during the sex. It was so fake and silly. "Oh this feels so good. Let me spend the next 5 minutes talking about how good it feels without showing any outward sign of pleasure". If the orgasms are real fine. If they are fake that's fine too, but please stop narrating them. This movie had none of that. Maybe a little from Xxlayna Marie, but it was brief. My guess is that this is a result of better casting. GFF revolves around their contract stars. Sometimes one of them can appear in all four scenes, and if they believe in endless chatter in between licks of pussy then you are going to end up with a dozen movies like that before you get a break. I'd like to also add that Lacy Lennon is a much stronger performer than some past contract stars. I'm hoping these good scenes keep coming and they don't revert to the past 8 months of bad scenes.

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