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Watch these lusty ladies, as they make sure to scratch that special itch they can't get themselves, and gives every inch of their bodies the massage they deserve with their knowing hands, lusty tongues and dipping slits... Happy ending lesbian massages are always the best kind of massages!
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Clip 1 - 54 mins 17 secs

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Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 1 00:27:20
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 1 00:38:40
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Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 1 00:47:40
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Clip 2 - 50 mins 28 secs

Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 2 01:04:40
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 2 01:08:00
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 2 01:21:00
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 2 01:29:00
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 2 01:37:00
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Clip 3 - 51 mins 13 secs

Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 3 01:59:20
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 3 02:05:00
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Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 3 02:31:20
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 3 02:35:40
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Clip 4 - 48 mins 6 secs

Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 4 02:46:20
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 4 03:00:20
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Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 4 03:12:40
Lesbian Massage Club 1 Clip 4 03:19:20
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Comments on Lesbian Massage Club 1

LeoTheLezLover says:
Maddy and Vivian is the standout scene, great pairing, great chemistry and great sex. Maddy is fast becoming one of my favourite GG performers. Serene and Lacy always have been a great pairing and have great chemistry. Serene's kissing has got even better in recent scenes. Love the tongue sucking, more of that please.Penelope must be doing something right to be cast so many times, she is improving all the time and certainly doesn't deserve the criticism she gets.
ossienelson4 says:
Lacy and Serene are insanely hot together. Consider me Hypnotized
Ryzey14 says:
Lacy Lennon is a certified superstar and probably the most multi-talented performer in the industry.
Waterman20 says:
Mole1- probably why I have to wear glasses now
Mole1 says:
Waterman20 9 is a bit young to be wanking over lesbian porn
DeepKissLover says:
Two scenes ruined by bad casting. Harley Haze and Penelope Kay are terrible. Both are awful kissers. Great to see Pristine Edge back, just book her with a top performer next time. Vivian Foxx is amazing, more of her please. Lacy Lennon and Serene Siren are fantastic together again. Two of the best kissers around.
Lezzyist says:
Oh wait, that was Maddy who took the scene to the floor, so good idea by her.
Lezzyist says:
75 or 100 percent, I mean. lol
Lezzyist says:
This was decent overall. To me, it seemed like there was a lack of chemistry in Scene 1, with the two of them working through it to make a passable scene, but maybe not enjoying it much, sadly. As another user mentioned, the talking made it worse. Penelope is a good and willing performer, but she always just repeats whatever meaningless thing a talkative scene partner says during the sex and meaningless talking throws her off her game. Meanwhile the meaningless talking usually adds nothing to the sex anyway. Not the worst scene ever, but not great. Scene 3 was alright. It was not for me as I just cannot stand cheesy stuff being said during the sex. Any kind of little cheesy thing is going to make me think "What? Please hush" and then I will be out of it. Just a mental thing I have I guess lol. Scene 3 does have the messy, nasty, raw sexual activity that I like about Lacy Lennon scenes though. Lacy pretty much convinces the viewer that she likes to fuck women most of the time she's on-screen, and besides basic physical attractiveness, that's all I want from a GG performer. Scene 4 was OK, I almost want to say bad, but it was OK. I just mentioned a performer who I said convinces the viewer that she likes to fuck women. Well, I get kinda the opposite feeling from Harley, who I think is absolutely physically attractive. I just feel like she doesn't quite go for it, sex-wise. Seen her in a few GG scenes from different companies now, and she is beautiful, but doesn't, in my opinion, quite go all-in on pleasing her partner. Doesn't seem like she will eat someone out diligently for more than a couple of seconds. I could be wrong, as I am not there working with her just saying what it looks like to me. But she's young and she might become more comfortable over time. I love her look though. Passable scene, not great. Scene 2....Scene 2 is where the real action is. I want to see Vivian Fox with pretty much everyone. You want to make a release with one performer in 75 or 100 of the scenes? Vivian is who you should pick, in my opinion. She really goes for it! She convinces the viewer that she likes to have sex with women and to me, that is the most important thing in a GG scene. Not only does she eat pussy as if she likes it, but the things she says and does in scenes all seem very natural and she seems very aware of her scene partner as well. She just comes off like she wants to show up, have good sex, and make sure her partner has a good time. That's the feeling I get watching her and that's what I want more of. What a pleasure to watch! And in Scene 2, Maddy May absolutely matches Vivian tit for tat. Maddy really goes for it in this scene and they just looked very comfortable and sexy and INTO IT. No gimmicks, no nonsense dialogue. Just highly erotic sex pretty much the whole scene. Thank you to those two ladies in particular! Also, another quick shout out to Vivian for taking her scenes to the floor. The massage table is restrictive as hell. Great in-scene direction from her. Last thing about Scene 2 that I have to mention that may have colored my view of the scene a little the very dark hair and fair skin combo is something I have always found extremely attractive. And there are TWO of them! So I may have been slightly pre-disposed to like Scene 2 lol. But seriously though, they made a sexy scene and seemed to actually enjoy themselves, which is the most important thing in GG to me.
GFK says:
Shoulda been done like an actual massage parlor
robert0259 says:
Three scenes have women with implants...deal breaker for me.
Waterman20 says:
This may be long, please bare with me here. Ok, Ive been infatuated with lesbian porn since I was about 9, Im now almost 50. From all the years experience watching it, I can honestly say I can typically tell when a girl really cums during a scene or not, when both girls are actually into each other or not, and the worst in my opinion is when one is and the other is just there to collect a paycheck. Girls just sticking their tongues out and licking are not trying to get the other girl off, but just putting on a show. Girls like lacy, Aiden , and some others who actually dive in there and go to town are really trying to get the other girl off!! They look at the girl to see her reactions so they know what is working and what isnt. Now on the other side of the coin, if the girl getting eaten out is constantly saying oh my god, oh my god, its definitely being faked! Not many girls are really loud if they are being real, they usually get more quiet, twitchy, grab the sheets, face and top of chest get blushed if they are close to an orgasm. This is what GF was all about in the past with the occasional recent good scene here and there. If Lacy is in it then its probably worth a watch. GF used to just get girls who loved girls, say go, dont worry about the camera shots, just get each other off!! Myself personally would just watch the face of the girl getting eaten out to see her reactions. Nowadays it seems its just about the camera and not watching two women make hot sexual chemistry love. Through searching I have found some good amateur lesbian videos, but nothing compares to GF back in the day!! Heres hoping 2022 will be much better at GF, and I wish everyone who takes the time to read this a happy and healthy new year!!
Cramjaw1 says:
OK. Mixed bag here, but after the bomb that was Cheerleaders 37 a mixed bag is a huge improvement. Scene one was a mess and you can blame it entirely on the talking. More to the point you can blame it entirely on the talking of Pristine Edge. She literally had nothing to say, but wouldn't stop saying it. This seemed to trap Penelope, who had even less to say. She would just thank her for the compliment or just drone on about nothing. The one thing this scene did was provide the perfect example of why talking all through a scene is a killer. Scene two wasn't bad at all. I might even go on to call it good. Vivian Foxx is starting to impress me with her performances. Lets just hope B Skow doesn't turn her into an ear bleeding talk talk talk type. I also like Maddy May. She's been all over lately and I've found her scenes entertaining. One criticism I did have was the giggling. The first scene had it too, but I didn't bring it up because there was no saving it anyway. I'll just say this. These are grown women, not teenagers experimenting at summer camp. A little less giggling please. Scene three was average at best. The constant conversation in Serene's scenes grinds you down after a time. Nothing takes the sexiness out of a scene faster than a chatty Cathy. Scene four was my favorite. It wasn't perfect. When they were in 69 I was rooting for Vivian to drop her pussy right on Harley's mouth so she would focus on it over the talking, but no scene is perfect. Overall a solid B, which is a wild improvement over the last one.
Cramjaw1 says:
If anyone wants to know how insipid the talking during GFF scenes has become watch the first scene and listen to them discuss the softness of different body parts. But only listen once unless you want your brain to start melting.
feelhose says:
Lacy and Serene was a very hot scene. They really wanted each other and although the sex was incredible they maintained amazing chemistry and seemed to genuinly be making love at times. If all GFF scenes were like this...Would like to see them in bed maybe in taboo setting.

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