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Girlfriends Films is back with another spooky edition of Lesbian Ghost Stories! Fingers and tongues are stuffed inside nice, juicy pussies and that's what this edition delivers. Intense kissing, foreplay, and multiple orgasms. Lesbian Ghost Stories 6 is a celebration of charming ladies.
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Comments on Lesbian Ghost Stories 6

wildwesttrooper says:
I've never seen so many vitriolic comments about one movie here in Hot Movies as I have about this one. Not liking a movie is one thing but professional assassination of the performers is ridiculous. It's pay per view so hit a performance that you don't like and leave the movie and save your minutes money.
Lezzyist says:
Agree with cramjaw1 in that I would like to see more of the performers' natural reactions instead of exaggeration in lesbian content.
DeepKissLover says:
KISSING REVIEW Scene 1 - Olive Glass is a terrible kisser. She should not shoot lesbian scenes for any studio. Aubree has been great since she signed the contract. Scene 2 - Charlotte Stokely is awful. The most overrated performer ever. We don't need her at GF Films. Serene is amazing and a top performer. Scene 3 - Very hot kissing. Newcomer Marilyn Johnson is great. Tiffany also. Only ruined by terrible directing and camera angles as usual. Scene 4 - Charlotte Sins is average. Doesn't use her tongue. There are many better girls out there.
Cramjaw1 says:
I can only speak for myself, but I don't want my comments to hurt anyones feelings. I'm sure most of the actress on Girlfriend Films put forth their best effort and try to do exactly what the director asks them to do. It's clear the problem with this company is behind the scenes. If the director said "instead of yelling out all of a sudden that you are cumming, why not be more subtle and let the audience figure it out for themselves". I'm not here to blame anyone for doing their job. I wouldn't go to McDonalds and blame the employees because a Big Mac is all buns and no burger. It's made exactly how the company wants it made so if you want it changed they are the ones that need to listen. The women in this scene are all beautiful and energetic. They could take this scene in any direction they are asked.
JasonPou01 says:
Just wanted to say to SereneSiren that I love your performances and think you did a great job as you always do. I think when comparisons are made with earlier productions, it doesn't reflect on the way you perform. I'm a huge fan of your work and always look forward to your scenes. Thanks for keeping us entertained and also keeping the fantasies alive.
Lezzyist says:
Checking it out again, this really is just fine. Honestly think I was just tired the other day. Would edit the previous comment if I could actually.
Ukrainian says:
Beautiful scenes with beautiful ladies! I love Olive Glass' work for GFF!
Lezzyist says:
I'll revise a bit. In my first comment, I maybe made it sound a little like the scenes in this release are unwatchable, and that's not the case. Reading it back, my comment is a bit more pointed and sharp than necessary. And the sex in the scenes isn't THAT bad. The action in the last scene in particular isn't as bad as I might have made it sound before, outside of some awkward kissing.
Ryzey14 says:
Casting Charlotte Stokely and Serene Siren together is epic and this scene doesn't disappoint. Total fire and passion. Amazing chemistry.
feelhose says:
Also...I would say these scenes would be better directed by a woman who is at least bisexual...and I do know sometimes this has happened.
feelhose says:
I am a woman
EasyStreet says:
Always amusing to hear guys critiquing sex between women. No one is forcing you to watch these scenes. There are plenty of others available that may be more to your tastes.
JimS says:
Hi, Serene, and if that's really you I'm glad you've joined the conversation...
feelhose says:
I guess there's a place for GFF to have some fun with costumescamp porn sets and effects and the sex was ultimately OK esp in Sirene-Charlotte and Aubree-Charlotte scenes. The camp jokey production is not for me either although scene 4 was better for playing it more straight but it must sell else GFF would not do it. I prefer more intense erotic releases with believable seduction or taboo element-but other studios are doing this now much better and GFF have just decided to depart from this. There is still the very occasional outstanding scene from GFF and maybe we need to let the producers, directors and actresses just develop this new direction the studio has taken. For me the older scenes are still way better even if the camera technology and resolution was worse. I wish GFF would just combine the old eroticism with the new cameras!
SereneSiren says:
These comments make me sad.I thought the sex with Charlotte was super hot. Sorry you think Im a campy actress, but its what the scripts call for and I am just a passionate woman. I really am that excited! You want chemistry amongst the women but you only have one particular formula in mind, when in science there are many ways to a solution and always multiple theories. Its very disheartening to hear how disappointed and dissatisfied yall are when I go above and beyond to make these women cum!
JimS says:
P.S. I haven't viewed this yet...didn't like the look of the trailers and never thought the ghost story series was worthy of GFF...
JimS says:
But if we complain we get called the usual complainers even though we're long-established fans...
Lezzyist says:
Part of my disappointment on this is my silly expectation. I knew before I bought that I can't get into Aubree, Stokely, Olive or Serene. They all have the same cheesy, hammy, overwrought performance style that I find annoying. They are all so talky and melodramatic in their acting and then you pair that with lame sex and it's just not what I am looking for. I knew that beforehand, so it was honestly dumb of me to buy the whole set of scenes. Charlotte Sins almost made a good scene, trying to normalize Aubree's awkward kissing and there were some nice pussy shots in that scene, but ultimately the sex was lame. C Sins looked so damned good though, let me say that. The one kinda-naturalistic and kinda sensual scene was the one with Tiffany Watson and Marilyn Johnson. It was almost ruined by way too much talking and annoyingly loud yelling-scissoring, but they eat pussy so well that that line positive makes up for it. I usually like Tiffany Watson scenes and Marilyn Johnson is extremely hot and looks to be a good GG star in the making. Do yourself a favor and just watch the Tiffany and Marilyn scene, keeping the money for the others in your pocket. The rest of the scenes besides that one are killed by really annoying hammy acting and lame sex with instant cheesy fake orgasms and cheesy fake moans, which are sometimes inexplicably caused by things like a fishnet ripping.
Hugo833 says:
Pretty terrible from start to finish.
DryHumpEnthusiast says:
These costumes are fucking terrible. Why have them wear costumes if they take them off within the first 2 minutes of the video? There is ZERO foreplay in this movie, no dry humping, no rubbing or scissoring in any sexy clothes, and still B SKOW is so brain dead he can even direct a pussy licking shot to show the girls eyes and face as they are eating. If all you like is seeing blobs of hair, only one camera angle per scene, and no passionate foreplay or real sex, then this is for you. Enjoy the plastic and fake shit this movie is. No sexy costumes like catsuits or yoga outfits or silky robes or gowns or dresses. Nothing luxurious at all. All of their costumes are shitty and slutty looking lingerie that is unimaginative and looks like they were found inside a garbage bin and taped together by a child. Please I beg you not to waste your money on this fucking garbage.
bigboss says:
Yeah but Ive never seen olive glass cum so hard ! Bravo aubree !
DeepKissLover says:
Yes, BSkow is to blame for this trash. Don't waste your money people until he is gone. GF Films has hit rock bottom. Why is their clueless owner keeping this horrible guy around? Fire his ass and get someone who understands lesbian passion and knows where to put the camera!!!
Cramjaw1 says:
I'm starting to believe that BSkow is the reason Girlfriend Films as been cratering in terms of content quality of the last year or so. If cartoon sex is the product that this company wants to deliver going forward then it is up to those of us that are fans to withhold our money and support until they either get back on track or find someone capable to run things behind the scenes. I read a lot of messages online of dissatisfied customers. Time to put your money where your mouth is.
Mole1 says:
What a load of bunk , get a grip girlfriend films

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