Wand On The Clits





Studio: The Only3x Network
Approximate Running Time: 00:28:55
Date Added: 2021-09-23
Released: 2021

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Our favorite big boobed Anastasia chilling in the living room when the similarly busty blonde Sharon White arrives. She is immediately asked to give a message to Anastasia...

Massages are great opportunities to well - initiate other good stuff. Such as kisses, touches here and there, and other kinky stuff. And this is what happens here exactly. Thing is, that both girls are super hot little treats to the eye. Anastasia has those huge melons on her chest, as Sharon White. Sharon White has this girlfriendish aura around her with that constant message of - Come play with me! Anastasia on the other hand has that little bit slutty appearance and looks. If these two qualities meet something good should happen, right?

And yes of course it does. They start around by complementing each other's tits. How nice they are, how juicy they look etc. Then they lick mutually their pussies. By the way, pussy licking was received on both sides with loud moans and pleasure. When Sharon ate that pussy it was exceptionally great to see how Anastasia's big tits were bouncing around. Excellent view by the cameraman from the top.

Then they introduce to their little session the magic wand. All girls' favorite. Stimulating a clitoris with that thing and you have success - guaranteed. And if not working out or not used on the clit, then it is a great massager tool as well. That little toy used on both girls mutually, probably the best was when Anastasia applied that a little bit harsh on Sharon's pussy when she was in doggy. Note the juices flowing around that pussy! Sharon looks super wet.

Then a nice-looking penis-shaped dildo surface. Sharon fucks Anastasia with that hard. She liked it. Looks like a good fit! Sharon also brought her own dildo to the scene and Anastasia fucked her with that. Good measures should not be left unappreciated, after all right?

After both girls reach some sort of climax, they end up in mutual sensual kisses and go to rest a bit. We wish all the best to these BFFs for their future adventures together! ;)

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Cast & Stars: Wand On The Clits

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