Fashionistas Lost






Studio: Buttman
Approximate Running Time: 03:03:36
Released: 2020

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2021 AVN Winner for Best Featurette

“This featurette is a new adventure of ‘The Fashionistas,’” says director John Stagliano. “The story continues with Rocco Siffredi as Antonio on a despondent-but-inspired creative fashion binge. His models are the stunningly beautiful Emma Hix and Naomi Swann, who play girlfriends who connect via video phone while Emma has a ‘date’ with Rocco. Naomi roughly masturbates herself in anticipation. She secretly watches Emma and Rocco as Naomi herself is watched by a peeping drone. Rocco uses the beautiful Ms. Hix as a model for his experimental, new fashion ideas. After things go frighteningly wrong, Naomi is led by the drone to find her girlfriend and Rocco. Naomi is seduced into fashion play, then three-way sex with Emma and Rocco.” The “Fashionistas Lost” featurette comes with two revealing, backstage segments that chronicle what the director calls, “the craziness that happened on set those days.” Adira Allure shot and performed in “The Making Of Fashionistas Lost” in her hell-bent-on-fame-and-fun way. Another BTS segment, “When Adira Meets Rocco,” shows what happened as the director prepared to shoot. John says it can be watched with the “Making Of” doc “to get an idea of how much control I really had on the set.” Also included: “Riley Reid + Manuel: Smells Like Paris” is a full-length bonus scene in which superstars Riley and Manuel Ferrara share kinky anal fucking spiced with foot and armpit fetish!
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