Girls And Their Boys 49






Approximate Running Time: 02:09:12
Date Added:
Released: 2020

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Standing on her tiptoes as she looks at the mirror, Nicol's round bum moves up inside her tight jean shorts. Unbuttoning her shorts, we see her sexy panties as she slides a hand inside-- caressing her wet pussy while her other hand squeezes her pert breasts. Bending forward completely naked, Nicols closes her eyes while her boyfriend Sean fingers and licks her vulva from behinds. Sitting on the bed, Nicols grabs Sean's erect penis and delicately caresses it with her soft lips. Moving to the bed Nicols rides on cowgirl position-- squirming and moaning in pleasure before laying on her back.

Closing her eyes as she exhales deeply. Charlee relaxes her body as her body shivers from Boris's hand pressing against her pert breasts while the other hand slides inside her panties; caressing her vulva. Kneeling before him, Charlee grabs Boris' erect penis and licks his balls and shaft all the way to the top. Taking Boris to bed, Charlee rides him passionately-- moaning on pleasure as she feels his erect penis going deep inside her.

Clip 1 - 42 mins 19 secs

Stars: Nicols | Sean
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Cast & Stars: Girls And Their Boys 49

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