Body Swap!






Approximate Running Time: 01:45:49
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Released: 2020

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Ever wonder what it would be like to BECOME someone else?

Teens Emily Willis and Ember Snow come from two different worlds. While money’s never been a problem for Emily, Ember’s always struggled to make ends meet. But they do have one thing in common: they both want to be school valedictorian. Constantly butting heads as they compete for the title, these bitter rivals don’t know - or care - what it’s like to walk in the other’s shoes. But that all changes one morning when they get the shock of a lifetime and discover that a mysterious spell has caused them to switch bodies!

See the world from a whole new perspective in Body Swap! as Emily and Ember have to begrudgingly work together in a race against time to reverse the curse. And in the meantime, they learn that pretending to be each other is no easy task! Stuck living each other’s lives, they discover startling new truths about each other, their families, AND themselves. But when all else fails, will the girls finally realize that what they’ve been looking for has been right in front of them the entire time?

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Cast & Stars: Body Swap!

Comments on Body Swap!

bigboss says:
Ive never seen ember snow ever have to worship another woman but Gia owned her soul !

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