Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 60






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Mother knows best! Moms and their daughters mix with other romance-minded mom-daughter pairs when they join Mother-Daughter Exchange Club. Watch as Their hands grab at each other's lithe bodies before they start licking and sucking on each other's wet slits until the other babe cries out in a girl on girl orgasm.
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Clip 2 - 49 mins 1 sec

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Comments on Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 60

RogerThat says:
BTW, I like the continuing feedback dialog in scene 4.
RogerThat says:
Here's an idea. How about two mother-daughter pairs who have ostensibly already played with mother-daughter exchange club couples. They meet up, flirt, pair off, and play. Everybody is eager and into it. None of this reluctance, seduction stuff. Like,Scene in kitchen, cute daughter enters with a laptop open. "Hey mom, look at this cute couple I found on the Mother Daughter Exchange Club site. The daughter is that petite blonde type you like so much and I love the mom's big boobs....."Scene, living room, one couple enters, greets the others then, pairing off to their opposite number, sit on the couch close together. One mom says to the other, "Your daughter is so cute!" The other mom replies, "and yours is so sexy". That daughter tosses back her hair and says, "do you really think so? Cause I sure think you are." She turns to the other daughter, "are you as horny as I am." The reply, "I sure am." Standing and reaching for the mom's hand says, "why don't we take this to the beedroom." You can take it form here..
Mole1 says:
Love the way alura slowly takes Rileys hair down then carries her to the bed.And love daphne saying fuck all the time whilst enjoying herself
kranger says:
Dana had a lot of work done why?

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