Home Wrecker High School






Approximate Running Time: 00:19:21
Released: 2018

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Sexy little High school student, Liv Revamped is called into her guidance counselor's office to discuss how many sports games she has been missing. If she continues to miss her sports games she will be in danger of losing her scholarship to college. Liv explains that she wasn't present at the game last time because she was bitten by a dog. Mr. Fyre clearly does not believe her so Liv decides it's time to prove it and pulls her pants down to show him the wound. As it happens, Liv decided elected not to wear underwear today and when she shows Mr. Fyre the dog bite she also gives him a delicious view of her perfect little 18-year-old ass. Liv sees how distracted Mr. Fyre is by her young body and decides to use this opportunity to ask Mr. Fyre if there's any way he can help her. The temptation is simply too much he gives in and takes what Liv is offering. Liv notices his wedding ring and removes it with a smile... Welcome to Home Wrecker High School!
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Cast & Stars: Home Wrecker High School

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