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Adria Rae always wanted to be a supermodel or a movie star when she was growing up, and although she hasn’t made it that far yet she’s become an influencer on social media. It started out with just her and her selfie stick wandering around but as she gained more followers, professional photographers started reaching out to her for photoshoots. She’s been on magazine covers, homepages of websites, and as of now she has 23 million followers and 4 corporate sponsors. It’s not all glitz and glam though, Adria barely has any privacy and since she’s always posting where she is fans and paparazzi are always popping up and trying to get pictures of her. The hotel she’s staying at is giving her a free room as long as she makes 3 posts per day, and she can stay as long as she wants, so it’s not a bad deal but she feels like she can’t leave her room because all the fans. Housekeeping arrives to turn down her room and Adria is startled, thinking a fan somehow got into her room, but is relieved to see it’s the maid. This gets her mind racing, if she can get the maid’s uniform and wear it out, no one will know it’s her leaving the room. She asks Georgia, but unfortunately the hotel doesn’t allow her to give out her uniform. Georgia really wants to help, but she needs he job because she’s taking care of her sick mom and doesn’t want to get fired. Adria asks if there’s ANYTHING that she can do to change her mind as she unties her bathing suit top then starts to unbutton Georgia’s uniform and leans in to kiss her neck. Georgia finally can’t push back anymore and gives in to Adria’s advances, they’re going to make the room real messy so Georgia has to stay to clean it all up.

Eliza Ibarra has over a million followers on social media and dedicates most of her posts to get people out of the house and hiking. Her best friend since they were younger, Mackenzie, has taken on the job of recording all of Eliza’s adventures and gets to spend a lot of time with her BFF. This hike they’re on today takes a turn when Eliza decides to take her top off. Mackenzie reminds her that you can’t have nudity on 4 of the 5 platforms she’s on but that doesn’t seem to affect her. Then it happens. Eliza leans in and kisses Mackenzie right on the lips. Mackenzie is reluctant at first, but she’s always been attracted to Eliza so she goes along with it. What’s even more crazy is that Eliza wants her to film the whole thing! Mackenzie’s never filmed anything like this before but she’s up for giving it a try so she pulls out her phone and sets it to record. These two best friends get to know each other a lot better on this hike, and there will for sure be more hikes like this in the future.

Alina Lopez, Evelyn Claire and Emma Starletto host a live cooking show to see who can make the best dish each week. The catch is that they don’t play fair, the other girls try to distract whomever is cooking by rubbing her pussy, licking her nipples, and anything else that will get them to stop cooking. Evelyn’s up first and her dish is a simple salad. It sounds easy, but when Alina & Emma focus their attention on her it makes it very hard for her to finish making her salad. Emma goes next, she’s going to show everyone how to make a stir-fry. As she gets the veggies sautéing Evelyn and Alina turn their attention to Emma and make it hard for her to complete her dish. Alina’s up last, she’s going to prepare some pasta and tomato sauce for everyone. When she starts chopping tomatoes for her sauce, Evelyn and Emma do their best to distract Alina so she won’t be able to finish. Who’s going to win the cooking competition this week?

Emily Willis has been hearing a weird buzzing noise by her house everyday when she gets home from school. She figured it was the neighbor using power tools, but for some reason, she always heard it when she was masturbating. Here she is, masturbating again when she hears that noise once again, this time she sees a drone flying outside her window and when she runs over, she sees Kali her neighbor, in her front lawn. Kali’s caught and embarrassed, but Emily thinks her drone is cool and invites her inside to hang out. When they get inside, Emily takes her up to the bedroom and asks her “Did you like what you saw?” Kali denies that she was watching anything, she was just playing with her new drone, figuring out how it works and all, but that doesn’t sit well with Emily. She remembers that when she caught Kali, she had her hands down her pants and tells her to stop lying. She doesn’t have to lie because Emily thinks she’s hot, and it turns her on that Kali know how to fly a drone. Then Emily says that since she was interrupted when she was playing with herself, she didn’t get to cum, so she thinks it’s only fair that Kali helps her finish off. Kali agrees, she likes that idea too, and with that these sexy neighbors will never be bored after school again.

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