Dominate And Be Dominated






Approximate Running Time: 00:20:30
Released: 2015

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Get the full BDSM 3D experience from two points of view, the dominatrix, and her female slave. Enjoy rope bondage, nipple clamps, whips, hot wax and more BDSM fun. The scene has two parts in which in the 1st you are the boss interpreted by Mistress Minerva and you submit me to different BDSM practices and the 2nd you happen to be the submissive, interpreted by me, Nora Barcelona and you see how they apply to your virtual character the practices masochism sado .Rat Penat plays the role of a submissive dog.
Clip 1 - 20 mins 30 secs

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Cast & Stars: Dominate And Be Dominated

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