Inside Blanche's Bedroom






Approximate Running Time: 00:19:41
Released: 2015

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Blanche Bradburry is a tall Czech girl with long blond hair, deep blue eyes and great set of perky B cups, and she's really excited to finally have you in her bedroom. She has prepared a whole show for you, so kick back and enjoy it. Blanche enters the room while you're already laying in bed. Her heels are the only sound you hear, and the only thing she'll keep on, as she walks in front of you and starts stripping.

A very inspired blowjob should be enough to get you hooked. She treats your dick with the love and care you've always dreamed of. Blanche just wants to make her man happy. With that in mind, Blanche gets on top of you, and starts fucking you while giving you a good glance of her beautiful bush. She keeps getting more and more turned on, as she loses her heels to lean back and rocks back and forth on your dick.

Blanche is ready to explode, an you are as well. Luckily, she's ready for you to do it inside her mouth. She holds your load in, and spits it all over your dick, only to lick it again tenderly and seductively.

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Cast & Stars: Inside Blanche's Bedroom

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