Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 8






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Darla Crane & Ashlyn Molloy

Ashlyn has a crush on Darla so a cheer squad team member is going to help her seal the deal. It's a real weird set-up, to prevent Ashlyn from taking her daughter's lesbian virginity; she'll let Ashlyn play with her. Ashlyn runs her fingers along her panty line and inhales her scent. They start kissing and there's some nice tongue action. They are all over each other in bed and Ashlyn's skirt rides up showing off her butt in a nice red thong! They grind against each other and Ashlyn buries her head in Darla's big tits. They do some tribbing and Darla sits on her face. Darla goes down and gives an extended pussy eating treat to Ashlyn.

Lena Nicole & Whitney Westgate

Lena is a troublemaker and pays Whitney a visit to let her know that her aunt is a lesbian. They have a long talk and Lena starts hitting on her. They lightly kiss and do some tongue dancing. They get naked and Lena plays with Whitney's large, natural tits. Lena worships down her body and has a field day with that temple. Whitney caresses her back and they get into a 69. They each take a turn on top and Lena's white skin looks great against Whitney's tanned body. They do some tribbing and kiss passionately.

Lena Nicole & Shae Snow

Lena, the horny little minx, talks to Shae about her closet lesbianism. Lena suggests that she try out some moves on her. Lena lightly touches Shae's body then they twirl their tongues against each other. They grind against each other Shae eats her out and gives her a good tonguing and sucks on her clit. They trib and then Shae licks her from behind. She then grinds Lena from behind and the girls get into a scissors and kiss passionately.

Cherie Deville & Shae Snow

Shae has a leg injury and talks to Cherie about it. They head to the bedroom and Cherie calls her out that she's a faker. Turns out, Shae just wanted some alone time with Cherie. They kiss and Shae dives into her tits. They grind against each other and Cherie eats her out. She buries her face in her moistness and drives the younger girl wild. The girls reverse positions and Shae laps at Cherie's slit. There is some nice back-and-forth action between these two.
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Cast & Stars: Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 8

Comments on Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 8

vin says:
Great trib in scene 3
dandydon says:
This video is excellent. All of the women are into each other is a serious way. It they're faking it, they've got me fooled.

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