Lesbian Sorority






Studio: Sweetheart Video
Approximate Running Time: 02:07:31
Released: 2012

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Pure excitement storms through the halls of the sorority dorm room when hard-working student, Sinn Sage moves in. Adriana begins feeling tension from the other girls who aren't crazy about her inviting the new girl to move in. Dylan demands satisfaction from her lover Adriana to prove Sinn isn't a threat.

Sovereign takes it upon herself to reassure the nervous Sinn that it's only Sinn's gorgeous looks that have set the others on edge. But how will Sovereign's tough girlfriend, Drew, deal with this competition? With all the female insanity, Sinn should be glad to finally have the luscious Skin to warm up to. With a combination of sensual femininity and confident lesbianism, Lesbian Sorority raises the bar for girl on girl erotic cinema. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.
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Comments on Lesbian Sorority

Editor's Review

Back when I was in college it never crossed my mind to join a sorority. Not only did I not look like any of the sorority sisters I saw, but I also just didn’t get the appeal of it. I guess if I had watching a few movies like this, I probably would have rethought my decision and did a little rushing of my own. And by “rushing,” I clearly mean fucking hot pledges. Isn’t that what Greek life is all about.

New girl Sinn Sage moves into the sorority house, stirring up big feelings for some of the roommates. Dylan Ryan is none too pleased when girlfriend Adriana Sephora invites Sinn to move into the house. Her jealously flairs and she needs a little hot sex to reassure her that Adriana isn’t interested in banging Sinn. Good thing Adriana is game to fuck Dylan at any time and they go at it like rabbits – sucking, licking and grinding into each other to mind blowing orgasm.

Sinn is brand new in the house, making her fresh meat to all the horny house sisters. Sovereign Syre wastes no time in seducing her new housemate, complimenting her and giving her the sexy eye. Sinn seems a little standoffish at first, but quickly gets on the same page as Sovereign as they begin to make out. Good thing that Sinn just got out of the shower and only needs to let her towel drop to be totally naked. Thank goodness for that easiest of access.

Scene three brings us a delicious tryst between Sinn and Drew Deveaux. Apparently Drew isn’t pleased that Sinn fucked her girlfriend, Sovereign, and needs to let her know exactly how unhappy she is about the matter. Of course Sinn isn’t going to take Drew’s threats and gets all sassy right back in her face. It looks like a cat fight is on the horizon, but no, it just turns into super hot sex. Woohoo! Oh man, I love me some passion filled hate-sex (consensual, of course). Drew lets Sinn know exactly how she feels as she slaps the shit out of her tits and fucks her nice and roughly. And oh the dirty talk! I am in filthy lezzie dirty talk heaven.

Before I move onto scene 4, I need to say that I love! love! love! that this movie features Drew Deveaux without making it anything that she is a transwoman. Sweetheart Video is a more mainstream lesbian studio, and I am so pleased that they have Drew as one of their performers. Drew is as much a lady as anyone else in the cast, and I am so happy that Sweetheart treats her as such.

And lastly we get Sinn Sage and Skin Diamond, who happens to be one of my personal faves. She is so seriously sexy. Sinn had enough of all the sorority house drama, so she moves out and gets a room in a new place… with Skin Diamond as one of her roommates. She appears at the pool in a super hot gold string bikini. Yum. It isn’t long before the sexual tension grows and the pair gets down and dirty. All in all, this movie is great from start to finish.

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