Simply The Best






Approximate Running Time: 02:19:09
Released: 2012

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"Simply The Best" is a collection of BRAND NEW LESBIAN scenes featuring the hottest Sapphic talent in Europe. Old friends and lovers, these girls can't wait to shed their clothes and get their tongues and fingers wet and busy! Witness these gals ecstatically devour each other, sending one another into the throes of passion until they scream their pleasure at the peak of their climax! With a cast this hot and scenes this sexy, "Simply The Best" lives up to and beyond its name!
Clip 1 - 23 mins 42 secs

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Clip 2 - 24 mins 52 secs

Stars: Eve Angel | Jo
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Clip 3 - 34 mins 19 secs

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Clip 4 - 31 mins 53 secs

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Clip 5 - 24 mins 13 secs

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Cast & Stars: Simply The Best

Comments on Simply The Best

Editor's Review

I hope you like hot Euro babe on Euro babe action because that’s what’s up with this Viv Thomas spectacular. These lovely ladies are brought perfectly primped and ready for action. They arrive at the house, have a few beverages and get better acquainted.

The girlies split up and get the party started. We start with a lovely little threesome on the couch. They make quite the pretty pile of flesh lick and each others’ smooth pussies. They quite enjoyed a bit of ass play as well – with their fingers and tongues getting the job done. No matter how porny, there is something so hot about seeing a beautiful woman bent over on the couch as she gets ravaged and worked over by two sexy ladies below. It makes for quite the view. I must add, while the animal rights activist in me is screaming, the alligator (?) skin couch is awesome!

Later, we move on to a little pool time fun where even more booty lovin’ goes down. Sexin’ in the water presents it’s challenges, but these ladies manage to pull it off with grace and style. Also, I was totally filled with jealousy while watching this scene. The weather is oh so nice out and I would love hot and heavy action in the sun and pool! I totally enjoyed their femme girl on girl romp.

Many are not into the whole uber femme thing in porno – or in life. All good! However, some are. If you fall into the latter category then this is your movie. Enjoy!

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