Girls Get Heated






Approximate Running Time: 02:05:03
Released: 2012

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Get ready for this! As a lot of you will know our famous staff member and one of most prolific models, Chloe B is leaving. But thankfully not without a few departing shoots, this is the first of them and theres a surprise in store for Misha! Kept under wraps for a long time this shoot was a secret from the beginning and one that Misha was kept in the dark about until we were on set. Blindfolded and lead into the room she only knew that she was in for a shoot with a mystery girl, and little did she know Chloe lay in wait! Soon the two are passionately kissing. Misha feeling Chloe's large breast, smooth skin and slim body trying to decipher who it may be. When the blindfold comes off she can hardly contain herself and pounces upon Chloe. From that point on the passion and the sex is elevated to a level only these two could take it, each grabbing handfuls (and mouthfuls) of the other. Misha pulls on Chloe's red hair as the two scream to orgasm grinding against each others full bush and writhing bodies.

A beautiful meeting between Jade and Analyn leads to some sporadic and tentatively sensual girl on girl play. Jades smooth pale body presses up against Analyn's darker body in stunning contrast as they slowly seduce each other. Moving from the steps, to the table they lay illuminated by the vivid greens bursting through the window and wrapping around their entwined naked bodies. Jade treats Analyn with some oral play as she dives into her full bush of pubes. Analyn kisses and runs her lips softly over Jade's body and down to return the favor
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Clip 2 - 44 mins 50 secs

Stars: Analyn | Jade
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Cast & Stars: Girls Get Heated

Comments on Girls Get Heated

Editor's Review

I love me some AbbyWinters from time to time. I definitely have a special place in my pants Aussie girl on girl action. The simple set up and no frills atmosphere is exactly what I need after watching intense superhero pornos and the like. I like real in every sense of the word and that makes me and the AbbyWinters ladies best good friends.

First up, blonde beauty Misha doesn’t find out who she is performing the scene with until its. She is blindfolded and brought downstairs, only to be pleasantly surprised by Chloe. Whoa, I just have to say that Chloe’s rack is phenomenal… AND that this redhead’s carpet match the drapes! Tacky? Oh well. It’s true! The two have sweet, beautiful hot sex. They definitely have a connection and know each other’s bodies well. At one point Misha is straddling Chloe’s face and nearly falls off and a moment or two later Chloe bumps into the table. It’s the little imperfections that make me love these movies!

I was happy to see Chloe return in the last scene. Her and her couch buddy start with a little mutual masturbation and it is clear that Chloe knows how to drive girls crazy. Both of the ladies that she put her magic moves on were blown away by her skills. The two move on and play a bit more, but I loved the shared masturbation moment at the end. The two turned around on the hands and knees (on the couch) and got themselves off. I can’t help it; sometimes I’m a simple girl that just wants to watch two chicks jack off next two each other. Only one camera angle. One position. Bam. That’s all I need.

If you like AbbyWinters pornos, you definitely won’t be disappointed by this one. Sure, the recipe is the same as the rest of her films, but it certainly is fantastic.

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